Ionian Sailing Conditions

The Ionian islands of Greece are known all over the world for their perfect sailing conditions. The Ionian is ideal for every kind of sailors of all abilities. Although it is one of the safest and most calm sailing holiday destinations there is still plenty of wind for those who want to have some sailing adventures.

On a usual day the prevailing north westerly winds build around midday onwards to Beaufort force 3 – 6 and drop again at sunset – ideal for a great afternoon’s sailing. This is a place where you can spend the mornings enjoying any beautiful beach the Ionian Sea’s crystal blue waters, swimming and doing activities like snorkeling, later on have lunch in a bay and then enjoy a great sail to your evening destination!

The winds are fairly consistent and usually result in a very calm evening, at night the winds usually die right down leaving the water looking like a mill pond. This means that you can anchor off in confidence if you choose or have a comfortable night by the quayside. When sailing at the east of the islands (close to the mainland coast) waves are small. Hence, sailing is not obstructed by the waves and the nights are usually safe, as the wind fade out in night hours.

You should also consider some things when you sail sailing around the Ionian islands. One things is the big depth in many bays (staying on anchor at 20 meters depth), so the additional caution (and anchor chain) that is required.

Also, keep in mind that the wide bays at the western coast of the islands Corfu, Lefkada, Kefalonia, Zante are not suitable to stay overnight on anchor, as the waves from the open sea might come strong at any time. However, there are countless bays hidden at the coastline of each island so you certainly won’t miss the western side.

Fantastic summer sailing holiday weather can be enjoyed from May until the first days of October when you can expect long, sunny days with very little rain at all.

Ionian Weather Summary

Average seasonal conditions:

  • North Westerly prevailing winds
  • Mornings, around Beaufort 2-3
  • Afternoons building to around Beaufort 4-5-6
  • Average temperature during the seasonal 30°C
  • Average Ionian Seawater Temperatures 26°C
  • Average Temperatures in the Ionian Islands 27°C