• Voutoumi Beach

Seven miles southern of Kerkyra, you find the islands of Paxos and Antipaxos. Accodring to the myth, these islands were created when the God of Sea Poseidon struck with his trident the island of Kerkyra, cutting off its southern edge and forming Paxos, in order to live his love with Amphitrite. An exotic island with turquoise waters, white sand, hundreds of magic caves and off course a unique nature with vegetation that reaches up to the water. Paxi is the smallest island group within the Ionian Islands.

In the nearby and almost uninhabited islet of Antipaxos, you will find two beaches that are frequently voted among the top in the Mediterranean Sea (Vrika and Voutoumi). This is a perfect place for someone that wants to relax in a place that remains original without the influences of the modern world.


            MUST SEE

  • Voutoumi Beach (Antipaxos)
  • Mongonissi Beach
  • Papanikolis Cave
  • Tripitos Arch
  • Erimitis Beach
  • Vrika (Antipaxos)
  • Gaios Port
  • Logos Village