If you dream off having sailing holidays in the Greek islands, but you do not have a sailing license, this is not a problem at all. In that case, we will provide you a professional skipper with more than 15 years of sailing experience.  Skipper’s responsibility is to do check in/out of technical part of the boat, advice the crew about route, moorings and weather conditions. Sometimes skipper cannot provide the route that you imagined because of the weather conditions but in favor of your and boat’s safety.
Let’s see the advantages of hiring a professional skipper:

  • The skipper and crew take care of everything, regarding the sailing, if you like you can help as much as you want.
  • Skippers are mostly locals. They know the sea and the surrounding. This can be very helpful, if you don’t know the place very well. He knows where to go according to weather and wind conditions. Moreover, skippers usually know some secret spots.
  • A skipper can teach you some basic boat knowledge, which can be useful for your next boat trip. The more often you spend time on a boat, the more you will learn and understand.
  • You can live a fantastic sailing experience without a boat license, with someone that will guide you with safety.
  • A skipper is affordable. The cost is 150-180 euros per person, depending on the number of passengers you will be on the boat.
Skippered sailing holidays are also perfect for those who:

  • Need more sailing experience
  • Want to be more familiarized with the Greek waters
  • Need to be sure 100% for their safety
  • Need to have a guide who will show them the best spots for swimming or place in seaside villages to drink and eat

Our skipper is hospitable, friendly, discrete and knowledgeable about every route and destination. What you must know, is that you should provide the skipper a cabin or a berth, as he is obliged to sleep on board.

In case you need a skipper for your sailing holidays with our boat, send us a message in order let us to know it.