Lefkada is the only island in Greece that has so many ways to visit it. That is because it is connected to the main part of Greece with a 50 meter bridge, which makes to possible the access by car too.

By Car:
The easiest way to visit Lefkada if you come from any part of Greece and the Balkans as the two main roads, the Egnatia Highway on the north and the Athens-Patra Highway on the south, provide a safe and fast journey.

From the north and the Balkans:

You will have to use the Egnatia highway. In that case your goal is to reach the city of Ioannina as this is the point where you exit the Egnatia and use the usual road until Lefkada. As the Egnatia crosses the whole north Greece, you might not find signs pointing Ioannina immediately. The cities that the Egnatia passes by, when coming from the far east of Greece, are Alexandroupoli-Kavala-Thessaloniki-Veria-Kozani-Grevena-Metsovo-Ioannina-Igoumenitsa. So wherever you enter Egnatia, just follow the signs pointing the next city. When you reach Ioannina and exit the Egnatia highway be very careful as first you have to follow the signs pointing the city of Arta, and after a while you will see also mentioning the city of Preveza, so then follow that. Before Preveza there are signs pointing Lefkada. The distance from Ioannina to Lefkada is 120Km.

From Athens:
If you are coming from Athens, your first goal is to reach the city of Patra. You mostly follow the Athens-Patra highway which passes by the cities of Eleusina, Korinthos, Egio, and finally Patra. The distance from Athens to Patra is around 180Km and the road is quite good.


By Ship:

If you arrive in Greece by ship and you are planning on visiting Lefkada, then the closest cities to Lefkada that have ports are Patra on the south and Igoumenitsa on the north. There are many departures from almost all east cities of Italy to Igoumenitsa and Patra. When you arrive you can either access Lefkada with the Intercity buses(in Greece we call them K.T.E.L., “K.T.E.Λ.” in greek) or you can bring your own car or even rent one. So then follow the instructions above that say “By Car” and you should easily find your way to Lefkada.

From Igoumenitsa:
If you are coming from the city of Igoumenitsa, you can either follow the costal road that leads directly to Preveza, which is good, or the Egnatia Highway until Ioannina and then follow the instructions above.

From Patra:
Patra is the key city of west Greece as it connects the southern part of Greece (Pelloponnisos) with the main part. This is done by the bridge of Rio-Antirio which costs around 10 Euro. So if you want to come to Lefkada from any part of south Greece, you will have to pass that bridge. After Patra you follow the road that passes by the cities of Mesologgi, Agrinio, Amfilochia, Vonitsa, Agios Nikolaos and finally Lefkada. The distance from Patra to Lefkada is around 180Km with no toll posts.

By Airplane:

If you arrive in Greece by airplane, then the closest cities to Lefkada that have an airport are Preveza, Ioannina and Patra .From there you can take the Intercity bus (K.T.E.L) to Lefkada or rent a car. However, you might not find flights all time of the year for these airports as they usually accept flights from abroad mostly during the summer. So if you don’t find a flight for these cities you can always arrive in Thessaloniki or Athens and, although it is a bit far from Lefkada, you can take the Intercity buses that take around 4-5 hours and cost around 35 Euros, or rent a car (in that case follow the instructions above “By Car”) to come to Lefkada.