1. We offer you a high-quality, comfortable, full-equipped and renewed Yacht for pleasant sailing holidays.
  2. We dispose high knowledge on our customers needs and desires even if you travel with your family, your friends or as a couple. It’s something that we have done it several times we are here to give you our friendly advises for the perfect sailing holidays.
  3. We organize for you water-sports days if you just ask it. You can choose from a plenty of water-sports such as scuba diving, kayaking, water-skiing, wind-surfing, parasailing and other water games.
  4. We are here to advise you for the most suitable routes, based on your desired style of holidays you want to follow.
  5. We offer you great deals, especially if you are a follower in our Facebook Page (20% for the whole summer season).
  6. The refundable security deposit you will have to pay is much lower than the market’s average.
  7. You will not have any extra charges during or after your trip. The most of the yacht charters will charge you 150 euros after your trip for the cleaning of the boat.
  8. Easy access to our base in Lefkada Island, especially if you are coming from the Balkans with your car.
  9. Our skippers dispose more than 15 years of certified sailing experience, being in a position to guide you with high safety. They have also more than the necessary info to take you to all the places you need to see, as they are locals.
  10. We provide 24-hour customer support during your trip.

For reservations complete the booking form here: https://hellenic-fantaseasailing.com/prices-booking/